We provide world-class training on-line and in the classroom for a wide variety of topics:

  • Introduction to Human Factors – cognition, decision-making, perception, anthropometrics, human error; 7.5 hours. Offered in classroom.
  • Designing Human-Machine Interfaces – process (including verification and validation), standards, specification. The course is customized depending on your work domain (e.g., nuclear, medical, aviation, other); 7.5 hours. Offered in classroom.
  • Establishing a Process to Produce Procedures and Instructions – all you need to know to get your department ready to produce effective procedures and instructions, in a rigorous and cost-efficient fashion; 2 hours. Offered in classroom.
  • Creating Effective Procedures and Instructions – what you need to know to write and validate procedures and instructions that will best support your users; 3.5 hours. Offered in classroom
  • Usability and User Experience (UX) – the basic knowledge, the process and key techniques to help improve your knowledge and abilities in creating products with outstanding usability and user experience; 15 hours. Offered in classroom.

In addition to those standardized courses, we offer custom-made courses for your specific needs.