icon_usabilityUser Experience

User experience (UX) aims at improving user satisfaction and performance, be it for a product or a service. A key element in achieving good user experience is to use a suitable, user-centered, analysis and design process and to do so competently.

We can help you if you wish to:

  • Improve Client and employee satisfaction when they use your products and services, including your Web sites.
  • Help the users of your products perform better.
  • Get coaching on how to improve your own design process or train your own staff in UX.




We can train your staff to:

  • Enable them to do basic, or advanced, UX and usability work (in-class or at your location).
  • Design user interfaces (in-class or at your location).
  • Prevent musculoskeletal disorders (in-class or at your location).
  • Improve their work practices and productivity (in-class or at your location).
  • Quantify, prevent and mitigate human error (in-class or at your location).
  • Prevent and manage the effects of fatigue (in-class or at your location).
  • Produce work procedures and instructions, including user manuals (on-line, in-class or at your location).
  • Produce requirement specifications (on-line, in-class or at your location).
  • Analyse and manage Client needs and requirements (on-line, in-class or at your location).

We can also create training modules for you for delivery in-class, at your location or on-line.



icon_systemEngineeringSystems Engineering

Systems engineering is a multidisciplinary approach to successfully design complex systems. We can:

  • Analyse and validate business needs.
  • Identify and validate requirements and produce specifications and technical procedures.
  • Design solutions.
  • Independently verify and validate design solutions.


icon_humanPerformanceHuman Performance

We optimize human performance through services, solutions and training to help our Clients:

  • Achieve their efficiency and safety goals.
  • Achieve competitive advantages for their products and services.
  • Conform to regulatory requirements.

Specifically, we can help our Clients to:

  • Improve their work practices and efficiency.
  • Quantify, prevent and manage human error.
  • Prevent and manage the effects of fatigue, and design effective work shift systems.
  • Produce work procedures and instructions, including user manuals.
  • Promote a strong safety culture and develop resiliency in their organization.



We have expertise in physical and cognitive ergonomics. We can help you to :

  • Diagnose, design or improve work stations, in the plant or in the office.
  • Design and validate devices and work stations for specific needs, including to help your staff get back to work.
  • Carry out studies to meet specific needs. For example: conformance to standards or regulatory requirements, improvements to work areas, schedules or to the working environment.



icon_bookTechnical Writing

We can produce several types of technical documents:

  • Work procedures and instructions.
  • Operating manuals.
  • Software development manuals.
  • Specifications.

Our services are available in French and in English.



icon_r&dResearch and Development

We carry out, both internally and for our Clients, various research and development projects. For example: