The following items include books that we have found to be useful in human factors, user experience and usability, as well a e-learning modules that we have produced. We also offer various human performance modeling tools.

Product What we think about it
One of the original sources for insight and principles leading to better information architectures.
An introduction to the process of designing and validationg human-machine interfaces (HMIs) for process control and other complex applications, with some coverage of how to integrate with procedures. The emphasis is on the use of a user-centered approach to design HMIs.
One of the best book available that explains how human factors specialists can work effectively with system designers. Alphonse Chapanis also does an excellent job of explaining why general guidelines must be translated to specific requirements to be truly useful.
Shumac Training Courses
We offer e-learning courses:

  • Analyze and manage business needs: to identify and document the needs of your Clients. The course addresses how to manage the evolution of the Client business needs, reduce the risks of cost and schedule overruns, and reduce the technical risks for a project. Duration: 1,5 hour. Cost: 99$
  • Specifications: to produce good quality specifications, or engineering standards, with the goals of preventing ambiguities and reducing errors and costs. The course also addresses how to review specifications, engineering standards and guidelines produced by suppliers to ensure their quality. Duration: 1,5 hour. Cost: 99$
space In 2009, Shumac won a contract from the Canadian Space Agency which enabled us to develop a cutting-edge technology which is unique in the world. FITTM comprises a number of modules that support the modeling and prediction of:

  • How fatigued an individual is.
  • How complex a set of work procedures and instructions is.
  • What is the likelihood of human error for a given task.

Those modules can be used independently or in combination. They can be used by themselves, or be incorporated in other products. Contact us if you would like to know how FITTM could help you.