new-metro-car-stm Rail

We have worked on the design of the new Azur cars (passengers and operators) for the Montreal subway, in collaboration with Labbé Designers and the Bombardier-Alstom consortium. We have touched every human factors related aspect of the train, from the assessment and design of the passenger seats to the design of the human-machine interface for the train operator.

We have also carried out several other projects for trains, such as contributing to the design of the cabin for regional trains for various industrial partners. Further, we have completed a study to identify solutions and technologies to support universal accessibility for rail stations and regional trains.


bus Road Vehicles

Through several projects carried out for Alto Design, Bombardier, Nova Bus and Volvo, we have designed, evaluated and improved the design of the driver’s working area for buses and tramways.


cockpit Air

We have completed several human factors projects involving the assessment and design of components for the cockpits of commercial aircrafts and of work station for flight simulators. We have also carried out multiple projects for Bombardier Aerospace.


boat Marine Applications

We have carried out the assessment of a third-party study on fatigue for pilots operating on the St-Lawrence Seaway, on behalf of the Corporation des pilots du Bas Saint-Laurent.


segway Electrical Vehicles

We have carried out the first human factors study of the Segway, as part of a project carried out by the Centre d’étude des véhicules électriques du Québec (CEVEQ, now the Institut du véhicule innovant or IVI), on behalf of Transport Canada. The study consisted in a series of trails, of a review of the technical and scientific literature and in a review of the usability of this vehicle.