medical1 Infusion pump

We have assessed infusion pumps used to deliver medication to patients as part of a project to standardize the various types of equipments in use at the CUSM and to contribute to reduce the potential for incidents. We have also carried out usability tests with nurses to identify potential enhancements to the equipment and to the training.


medical2 Tools and Software Packages

In the medical field, we have completed the analysis of the work of medical and nursing staff to help design, prototype and user test a new tool aimed at improving the quality of hemodialysis treatments.

For social and health services, we have carried out the analysis, design and validation of the user-interface for a tool used to receive and assess information on child issues received by phone.


medical3 Training

Regarding health services, we have created and delivered training on human factors and human performance to professional organizations in health physics, as well as to personnel in radiotherapy and cancer treatment institutions.