Since 1995, Shumac specializes in all aspects related to human-machine interactions in the work environment. Our expertise includes human factors, operator performance, error reduction, usability, physical ergonomics and fitness for duty. Shumac also collaborates regularly with the Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering at École Polytechnique de Montréal by teaching and being an active research partner in the field of cognitive engineering. Shumac and it’s members have contributed to various projects such as:

  • Analyzing, researching and designing human-machine interfaces for stakeholders in the fields of biomedicine, nuclear energy, aerospace, web education and commerce, industrial and commercial environments.
  • Human factors engineering issues related to fatigue and readiness to perform, shift work and operator training.
  • Research, design and implementation of intelligent agents for voice recognition applications.

Internally, we also pursue various research projects on subjects such as multi-agent simulation and intelligent interfaces capable of assisting operators in high-risk environments.